Take your pool experience to an entirely new level with a pool enclosure. Our screen enclosures keep out bugs, pests, and leaves to ensure that your pool area looks its best. Enclosing a pool serves more than one purpose; it also decreases the number of chemicals a pool needs due to the reduction in contaminants gaining access to the water. Our pool cages also meet all child safety laws so that you can have peace of mind while the whole family enjoys your pristine pool in the shade. 

Some of the most common roof designs we build cages for are: Mansard, Hip Gable, Full Gable, Shed/Sloping type, and Flat. Our Picture Frame cages can be used with any style of roof. We use three different systems of picture frame cages:

Legacy/Conventional beam: Used for the smallest of spans.


Clearview: Used for intermediate spans, usually up to around 40′.


Ultimate View®: Can be used for the largest of spans. 

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